For Testifying Experts

For testifying experts - we offer piece of mind!

As an outside expert or even an academic affiliate, you like to think the consulting firm that is supporting you and may even have hired you always has your best interest at heart and will do absolutely everything they can to protect you. But you have other obligations as well and naturally canít be on top of every single detail.

Despite best intentions, complex matters involving multiple reports will always bring with them the risk of a conflict of interest. And when that happens, you need to know that your back is covered.

Olic Consulting can help by vigorously staying on top of all of the facts and having a single well-defined constituency - you.

Instead of signing up to work with a consulting firm as an independent consultant, why not partner with us as your trusted #2? We can offer a variety of flexible arrangements, depending on your preferences and the consulting firmís requirements. Typically, you get the benefit of a fully dedicated and supremely capable support team without any financial exposure.

And of course -- protecting you in case of dispute is only the beginning of the value we create, on top of the substantive expertise and project management acumen.

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