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For attorneys needing damages calculations - we offer expert opinions!

Olic Consulting provides expert opinions, including expert reports and testimony, on a wide spectrum of valuation and damages issues. For more complex matters, we have established relationships with a series of renowned academics and other testifying experts and can bring in the necessary intellectual fire-power.

We like to get involved early in the engagement and collaborate with attorneys on developing case strategy as it relates to issues of damages. We work with you on formulating the correct questions, and then deliver a rigorously supported and clearly explained set of answers.

At Olic Consulting, we know that no two engagements are alike and tailor our approach to the needs and budgets of our clients. We have experience working on small quick turnaround engagements as well as extremely complex multi-year cases. What sets us apart is our responsiveness to client needs and our ability to present complex analytical issues in understandable terms to non-technical audiences.

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