Valuation, Damages & Advisory Services

Olic Consulting provides a broad range of valuation and appraisal services and advises clients on valuation matters, calculating damages, writing expert reports, and executing testimony, as well as prospective financing.

Clients include attorneys, testifying experts, companies needing valuation work, and other consulting firms.

Vlad Olic, the principal of the firm, is a valuation expert with 11 years of experience in consulting, litigation support, and a Fortune 200 financial services company. He has managed all phases of delivering expert testimony on damages in complex cases with a strong track record of successful outcomes and satisfied clients. Mr. Olic has extensive relationships with senior attorneys at major law firms, renowned academics/experts in various fields of finance, and executives at end-clients.

Mr. Olic is an ASA candidate (completed coursework) with an MBA in finance from Georgetown University. He brings a wealth of international experience, having worked in 4 different countries and completed 2 ex-pat assignments abroad.

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